reCaptcha Pro

We recently released Login With AJAX 4.0 along with Pro 1.0, including this whole documentation site. This page is incomplete and contains basic/general information to get you started, we are currently working on our documentation for this feature. Bear with us!

reCaptcha is a free service which helps prevent spammers from proceeding with certain actions, such as filling out forms (in our case, login forms). The

We now offer reCaptcha on our login pages, as well as on the default WP Login Forms. Enabling this feature will prevent logins from continuing without a valid reCaptcha

Please note that this feature may not work on login forms generated by other plugins or themes, and may prevent these login forms from working since they won't submit ReCaptcha codes.


Firstly, you need to create an account and add your site on reCaptcha, you can sign up for a free account if you don't have a Google Account.

Note that when creating your account, you also need to add a site where you can choose the captcha type. This is important because your site keys will need to match the type you choose on the LWA settings page.

Finally, once set up, you need to visit WP Dashboard > Settings > Login With AJAX > Security (tab) > reCaptcha and choose the type of reCaptcha you've set up earlier along with pasting the generated keys.

2FA Integration

reCaptcha will help spammers from repeatedly filling out your login, registration and password recovery forms. This may not, however, prevent people from attempting to log into accounts by guessing passwords, especially if they can guess a valid password.

Therefore, we recommend combining reCaptcha with our 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) feature. To do this, select the reCaptcha v3 method and then check the Trigger 2FA for low v3 score? option. By doing this, when users fail a reCaptcha test, logging in successfully will result in requiring further 2FA verification.