PHP Documentation

The information below is currently mainly related to outputting the login form via PHP. For most pursposes the main functionality you need to be concerned with when using PHP is outputting a form, customziing templates, or PHP actions/filters.

More comprehensive docs about all our functions may be written in the future, in the meantime we invite you to check the code itself, we aim to document comprehensively via PHP comments.


The main class that handles login functionality is the LoginWithAJAX class, located on the plugin main/root file login-with-ajax.php. This is where AJAX calls are intercepted, and all front-end functionality is dealt with.

The core function that would likely concern most developers is the LoginWithAJAX::output() function, which is used to output the login form.

Additionally, you may be interested in our extensive actions and filters to modify plugin behaviour in an upgrade-safe manner.

Whilst templates are generated using PHP files and contains PHP, we cover custom templates separately in our custom templating section.