Getting Started

Once you have installed Login With AJAX (and our Pro add-ons if applicable), it's time to start setting up your first login widget!

This is a brief overview of what the plugin can do, along with some links to further documentation to help you get up and running quickly.

Displaying a login form

You can dive right in and create a new login form right away. There's three ways to display a login form:

Customizing your login forms

The default login form is a great starting point. However, you may want to customize certain things, such as:

Most of the options to modify forms are available when creating your form via the shortcode, widget, block or PHP options above. All these options are similar, you can review them in our login form options page.

Further Steps

We recommend you check out the settings page, located under WP Dashboard > Settings > Login With AJAX where you will find three tabs: