General Settings

The General Options tab on our settings page located in WP Dashboard > Settings > Login With AJAX contains some basic options including:

  • Default Template Choice
    • Choose your default template, which can be overriden on individual shortcodes, blocks or PHP functions.
  • Disable Refresh Mode
    • This option will prevent the page from reloading upon successful login. The login widget will change to show your logged in template.
    • Note Only the login widget is dynamically updated. If parts of your page change once users are logged in, such as links to account pages etc., you will want to leave this unchecked so that the page does refresh and update other elements of your page.
  • Legacy Mode
    • This option will only appear to those who updated from Login with AJAX v3.x or earlier. See our migration guide for more information about legacy mode.
  • Remember Me
    • Choose whether login forms will contain the 'Remember Me' checkbox, which will tell WordPress to remember the user for a determined amount of time even if they close their browser. This can be 4 possible ways:
      • Disable the checkbox/feature.
      • Show the checkbox, but leave unchecked by default.
      • Show the checkbox, and leave checked by default.
      • Hide the checkbox and leave enabled.
  • AJAXify WP Login
    • Enables AJAX functionality on the default WordPress, covered in our AJAXify section.