Login With AJAX is both translatable and can work with MultiLingual sites.

Language Translations

If your language has been translated 90% or more on the project page, then your language translation of Login With Ajax should be automatically installed and maintained by WordPress.

If not, you can also manually install this, we’ll use Russian as an example:

  1. Find your language on the project page, and click on either the stable or development column percentage.
  2. Click the ‘Export’ link at the bottom of the page, but select ‘All Current’ and the (.mo) file format, save the downloaded file.
  3. Rename that file in the format of, where LANG = your language locale, for example russian is ru_RU so you’d get
  4. Upload that file to the wp-content/languages/plugins folder on your WordPress installation.
  5. Your Login With Ajax plugin should now be translated partially into your language.

We suggest you contribute to the WordPress translation project page, anyone with a registered account can suggest new translations!

Multilingual Sites

We have WPML compatiblity with regards to login/logout redirects, and by default PolyLang since it has backward-compatibility with WPML. Aside from custom redirect links for each language, you can also use the %LANG% placeholder to dynamically insert the language fragment used to build URLs, such as en for English or es for Spanish.