Welcome to our documentation site, where you'll find all the information needed to get up and running with Login With AJAX!

Login With AJAX 4.0 is a complete revamp of our templates and functionality, along with this new documentation site. We are currently finalizing the release of a Pro version as well as our new website, please bear in mind some Pro-related documetation is for features very soon to come in a matter of days!

First Steps

The first step is installing and activating Login With AJAX and (if applicable) the Pro add-on.

Next, our getting started guide will offer you a quick overview about how to set up your first login form and additional steps you may want to take to customize your login experience. We highly recommend you start there.

Getting Help and Support

We strongly recommend you read through our documentation, as most common questions are answered here. If you're stuck, we're happy to help!

If you are experiencing a bug or conflict of some sort, we recommend you follow our troubleshooting tips before contacting us for support.

If you cannot find the answers you're looking for within this documentation, you can also reach out to our community support forums, which we monitor regularly. Alternatively, Go Pro and receive premium dedicated support for faster replies.